PCPB Officers with Delegates from Ethiopia; Jan 2023

12.01.2023: The Pest Control Products Board (PCPB) received delegates from the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. The expert mission was in the country to learn from Kenya’s experience in the management of False Codling Moth (FCM). The expert mission which was from Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA) and Ethiopian Horticulture Association (EHPEA) was taken through PCPB response to the FCM. The PCPB shared its experience and best practices in providing solutions to combating FCM.

Ethiopia which is one of the main growers and exporters of rose flowers in the World is facing challenges of FCM in roses. The FCM was designated as a quarantine pest, and trading partners require that exported fresh produce should be free of the pest.

PCPB has currently approved both chemical (https://www.pcpb.go.ke/crops/) and biopesticides (https://www.pcpb.go.ke/biopesticides-on-crops) pest control products for the management of FCM in Roses, Avocadoes, Capsicum, Chili peppers, Tomatoes, Watermelon.

The PCPB continues to be a leader in pest control products governance and is on hand to share its expertise to build regional, continental, and international good practices in the pest control products regulation.