• PCPB CEO making a presentation during commemorating of the World Anti-Counterfeit Day, 24th June 2021.


PC Mainstreamings

Road Safety Mainstreaming
Gender Mainstreaming
Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA)

1. Never drive through moving water if you can’t see the ground through it. Do not drive around road barricades; they are there for your safety, the road or bridge may be washed out | 2. Make sure that the windscreen wipers are in proper working order; change the wiper blades before the rainy season arrives. | 3. Turn on your headlights when driving in rainy weather. | 4. Make sure patience is exercised while driving many accidents are caused by impatient drivers who are rushing to get from point A to point B. | 5. 5. Don’t make sudden stops or lane changes. Instead, take care to ensure that other drivers are likely to be able to predict your actions to maximize safety.

Stop Gender based violence: give equal opportunities to every gender | Create awareness on manifestation of Gender based violence | Empower the society on reporting gender based violence.

Effects of Alcohol & Drug Abuse: Heart diseases | Brain malfunctioning | Liver complications | Short-term effects such as impaired vision | Depression, Relationship problems, Poor performance at work.