• PCPB Chairman (Njoroge Kagwe) during the Stakeholders' Workshop on Strategic Plan
    PCPB Chairman (Njoroge Kagwe) during the Stakeholders' Workshop on Strategic Plan
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Circular on resolution on polyethoxylated
Anugrah Shaw , Olivier Sanvido ,Githaiga Wagate(2023), and Markus Röver Pesticide operator safety: A global framework to support operator safety at the “local” level CABI Reviews (2023) 18:1 https://doi.org/10.1079/cabireviews.2023.0025
Anugrah Shaw , Sabine Martin , Claudia Großkopf , Olivier Sanvido , and Githaiga Wagate (2023). Improvement in operator safety for low- and middle-income countries: A user-friendly, consistent risk assessment and mitigation process CABI Reviews (2023) 18:1 https://doi.org/10.1079/cabireviews.2023.0026

PC Mainstreamings

Road Safety Mainstreaming
Gender Mainstreaming
Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA)

1. Avoid driving in flooded areas.
2. Observe speed limits.
3. Avoid using your mobile phones while driving.
4. Be patient on the road to avoid being a patient in a hospital.
5. Do not overtake unless you are sure you can do so without endangering yourself and other road users.
6. During rainy season make sure your Vehicle wiper blades are working properly.
7. Observe line discipline before overtaking.
8. Always replace worn-out tyres to avoid skidding.

Stop Gender based violence: give equal opportunities to every gender | Create awareness on manifestation of Gender based violence | Empower the society on reporting gender based violence.

Effects of Alcohol & Drug Abuse: Heart diseases | Brain malfunctioning | Liver complications | Short-term effects such as impaired vision | Depression, Relationship problems, Poor performance at work.

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