1. Evaluation and acceptance of Dossier
2. Payment of introductory/experimental permit fee (for commercial products only)
3. Issuance of efficacy trial permit/Letter of Authorization
4. Applicant attaches a copy of:
(i) Proforma Invoice
(ii) Draft IDF
(iii) Efficacy trial permit/Letter of Authorization
5. Payment of import fee (0.4%FOB value or KES 2,000) – which is higher
6. Account’s Receipt payment and forward the Application to the ICT Division
7. ICT Officer assigns a PCPB (Trial No. as follows PCPBTR0000) with four digits and recorded on efficacy trial samples register and on the receipt.
8. ICT Officer captures the product’s details on Kentrade System
9. Applicant launches the import application online attaching copy of invoice, draft IDF, efficacy trial permit/letter of authorization and copy pf receipt of payment.
10. PCPB processes the application; if okay, it is approved, if there are issues to e clarified, applicant is informed online.
11. Applicant accesses the import permit through Kentrade System


*This is applicable to samples for research only by Research Organizations or Universities or Tertiary Colleges with no intention for immediate commercialization.