1. Evaluation and acceptance of Dossier;
  2. Payment of introductory/experimental permit fee (for commercial products only);
  3. Issuance of efficacy trial permit/Letter of Authorization;
  4. Applicant communicates to ICT on ict@pcpb.go.ke and copy to reg@pcpb.go.ke attaching the Efficacy trial permit/Letter of Authorization;
  5. ICT captures the product’s details on Kentrade System, assigns a PCPB Internal Product Number (Trial No. as follows PCPBTR0000) with four digits and communicates to the applicant;
  6. Applicant launches the import application online attaching a copy of:
    (i) Proforma Invoice
    (ii) Draft IDF
    (iii) Efficacy trial permit/Letter of Authorization
  7. Payment of import fee (0.4%FOB value or KES 2,000) – which is higher;
  8. Application completeness check by PCPB Checking Officer;
  9. PCPB Finance confirms payment;
  10. PCPB processes the application; if okay, it is approved, if there are issues to e clarified, applicant is informed online;
  11. Applicant accesses the import permit through Kentrade System;


*This is applicable to samples for research only by Research Organizations or Universities or Tertiary Colleges with no intention for immediate commercialization.