REF: PCPB/III/REG/VOL.II/20/017                                           15th April, 2020



This guidance has been prepared taking cognizance of the development in technology to facilitate trade and improve the efficiency of the draft summaries approval process and save the environment through the reduction of using paper. The implementation of these changes is designed to improve the efficiency of the process and to improve the tracking for both Applicants and the PCPB.

It is in this regard; within 14 days from the date of this circular you are required to be submitting the draft Data Summaries electronically through reg@pcpb.go.keas a word document (.doc or .docx format) (The .pdf, jpeg, .pub, scanned data summaries or other versions are not acceptable). The Draft summaries must be done using text in paragraphs and tables; do not use columns.

The Data Summaries must be in .doc or .docx format, A4 paper size (8.27 × 11.69inches, Minimum margins: 0.5″ on all sides), minimum font size and style 11, Times News Roman. Applicants are strongly advised to include label version identification (the unique identifier is the Applicant’s preference). The data summary application forms used must be appropriate and can be downloaded from our website

The DRAFT COMMERCIAL LABEL MUST be .doc or .docx format, A4 paper size (8.27 × 11.69inches, Minimum margins: 0.5″ on all sides), minimum font size and style 11, Times News Roman with spacing of 1.15 and complying with all regulatory requirements. Logos, drawings, diagrams, photographs, background designs etc. are allowed but should comply with the PCP Act Cap 346.

ALL OTHER SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION MUST be submitted in .pdf format (or other versions are not be acceptable), this must be clear and legible. Where Original documents are required the Applicant will be informed.

The word document and other supporting documents should be saved as “Trade name of pest control product+ Local Agent” e.g. REF 480SC+VICTORIA Co. Ltd. The body of the email should include the following particulars in tabular form:

Product Trade Name Active Ingredient & Concentration PCPB Experimental Permit No. (PCPB Reference & Date) Local agent Trial Institution Situation of use No. of Seasons

1. The PCPB Officer shall be assigned to review the Application and either:
a. If it complies with set specifications the application will be handled as part 2 below.
b. In case the of minor deficiencies; tracked changes or comments on the draft application and send to the Applicant via email for action;
c. In case of major deficiencies advise the Applicant to review the application and resubmit.
2. Once the PCPB Officer is satisfied with compliance to legal requirements and the set standards, the application will be handled as per PCPB internal procedures and the Applicant informed of the outcome within 7 working days of last application submitted to PCPB.
3. If approved the Applicant will be requested to submit data summary & other documents in pdf. format to and hard copies.
You are requested to declare your official email and alternative official emails; these shall be used to apply to PCPB and for follow up communication.

We thank you for your continued cooperation.

Peter Opiyo
Copy to:
– Agrochemicals Association of Kenya
– PCPB Registration Officers
– PCPB ICT Officer
– PCPB Compliance & Enforcement

Download – Circular on Electronic Submission of Data Summary Application & Other Supportive Documents for Consideration of Pest Control Product Registration