PCPB Analytical Laboratory

For Analysis of Pesticides and Extended Significance of our Laboratory


The Laboratory is located within the PCPB Headquarters in Loresho, Nairobi. The key function is to carry out quality analysis of pest control products for control and management of pests and diseases in crops, animals, and public health.

The facility is well equiped with modern equipment and highly skilled analysts.

Strategic Objective

Enhance compliance of pest control products to set standards through quality analysis.


  • Enforcement of PCP Act through enhanced monitoring and surveillance of pest control products to ensure quality products are availed to farmers and the public
  • Offer technical support to enhance investigations and possible prosecutions for contraventions of the PCP Act.
  • Information Dissemination; Offer technical information to stakeholders, farmers, researchers and students.
  • Provision of analytical services to farmers, agrochemical industry and other rellevant stakeholders in Kenya and East African Community.
  • Research and Development.
  • Youth Empowerment; the Laboratory offers industrial attachments and internships to university students and middle level colleges.

Significance of PCPB Laboratory on Agriculture

  • Food security: Quality products to manage pests amnd diseases resulting to high production.
  • Quality Assurance: Compliance to National & International specifications to deter adulteration and counterfeiting.
  • Food Safety:Responsible use of quality products guarantee reduced incidinces of Maximum Residual Limits(MRLs) exceedences which are of health concerns.
  • Market Access: Quality Products guarntee quality produce and subsequent ready market e.g. floriculture and horticulture.

Effective lab analysis ensure that only pesticides which are allowed into the market have attained the standards of quality pesticides fit for use in agriculture, and those that are environmental friendly, therefore ensuring healthy people and a helthy nation.

Gas Chromatography and Liquid Chromatography Equipment

Gas Chromatography (GC) and Liquid Chromatography Machine (LC) are samples analytical equipment that help in determining the active ingredients and impurities in formulated pest control products.

Gas Chromatography

Figure 1: Gas Chromatography Machine (GC).

Liquid Chromatography

Figure 2: Liquid Chromatography Machine (LC).